Jeremiah. 32. A Preset for the World of Today!

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Jeremiah. 32. A Preset for the World of Today!

This is my personal view and how I see how this chapter relates to the world we live in today. This is beautiful and it just makes my love for Christ Jesus stronger day by day. The Bible is truly full of real insight. better insight than what the world’s 3 letter agencies have on future events.

Therefore, moving into Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and CSI (Criminal Investigation) as a Follower of Christ Jesus, I can spread His word with many, as the love of many has grown cold.

Dear reader, it saddens and it give me joy to share my views with you, As Christ commanded us to love one another. The World’s love has grown cold. They are walking, and let themselves be guided by evil spirits of the heavenly realm (Ephesians6)
Therefore, we can be the Light of God’s love in this world.

Famine, Earthquake, Country Wars (Matthew 24 Kingdom against Kingdom will increase), Civil War (Nation against Nation Ethnos Greek text of Matthew 24, Ethnic groups against each other), crime will increase as people flee their own war-torn, famine-stricken countries to yours. The West has been the land of Milk and Honey, but as many Christians have left the faith, and let their love of many grow, the love of money and the list is long, with weak borders trusting educated fools governing the states instead of trusting the Lord. The list of reasons is long. We will see lawlessness increase, as we simply don’t have enough to go around. You can expect riots to increase due to political opinions, and illegal immigrant riots as they don’t get milk and honey from starving 1st world countries.

Yes, as a Christian we know the signs, points to the end of the age, therefore dear reader. If you are a Christian, get involved in Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, and CSI work. You can help make a stand against the evil in this world, help stop human and child trafficking and share the Gospel of the Hope of Jesus Christ with the victims and criminals, You can stop scammers scamming work with victims and change their life through the Love of Christ, through you shining your light.

If you are a Christian in this space or thinking to enter this space, reach out to me. I am still learning and growing in this space. Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, together we can win souls for heaven.

The world will hate me for His name sake, as they are too Blind to see what was prophecy thousands of years ago.

Today, in my Bible study. I was reading Jeremiah. 32. The New King James Bible.

It goes about Zedekiah king of Judah at the time of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. Zedekiah imprisoned. Jeremiah the Prophet.

Zedekiah came to visit Jeremiah in prison. To inquire from him. What the Lord says in regards to the coming invasion of Isreal. Jeremiah prophesied what the Lord has told him. Jeremiah told the king about deeds. His uncle’s son. (his cousin), who came to Jeremiah to tell him, he needs to buy the land because he’s got the right to buy land. So, the Lord told Jeremiah to purchase the land for 17 shekels of silver. Which he did? The Lord gave Jeremiah clear instructions on what to do with these deeds. And put it into a clay pot, so it can last for a long time.

So what did the Lord say to Jeremiah?

The Lord spoke to Jeremiah. And said to Jeremiah that Israel will be carried away to Babylon with King Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah prayed to the Lord. This is so beautiful for me, he said:

17 ‘Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You. 18 You show lovingkindness to thousands, and repay the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them—the Great, the Mighty God, whose name is the Lord of hosts. 19 You are great in counsel and mighty in work, for Your eyes are open to all the ways of the sons of men, to give everyone according to his ways and according to the fruit of his doings. 20 You have set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, to this day, and in Israel and among other men; and You have made Yourself a name, as it is this day. 21 You have brought Your people Israel out of the land of Egypt with signs and wonders, with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, and with great terror; 22 You have given them this land, of which You swore to their fathers to give them—“a land flowing with milk and honey.” 23 And they came in and took possession of it, but they have not obeyed Your voice or walked in Your law. They have done nothing of all that You commanded them to do; therefore You have caused all this calamity to come upon them. 

Jeremiah 32

Now we see the same things, principally in the world, in Europe, Africa, America and all over the globe today. Because remember, back in the day when the first church, the first-century church spread from Israel into Asia, which is in Turkey of today and, then it moved through the Roman Empire, (Yes, the Catholic Church was and is not the original church, a spawn of the Roman Empire yes, I am not scared to say a church full of lies, deceit, love of money and more. You must be blinded to see it). However, the Word of God spread through the Roman Empire into Europe destroying pagan religions. As the Roman Church started to let the evil spirits of the evil realm enter their organisation, God brought about the Protest of 95 theses nailed to a church door in Germany, listing out false truths of the Catholic (General) Church. Proofing, God’s truth can never be destroyed by man.

Bring us back to today!!! Just like the Israelites of old. we’ve walked away from God. Jeremiah 32 is the wrath of God on Israel for taking them out of their promised land and sending them into captivity. Eventually later on to scatter them around the world, BUT He promised them a new covenent.

Back to Jeremiah and he told them what the Lord said that siege mound against them.

24 ‘Look, the siege mounds! They have come to the city to take it; and the city has been given into the hand of the Chaldeans who fight against it, because of the sword and famine and pestilence. What You have spoken has happened; there You see it! 25 And You have said to me, O Lord God, “Buy the field for money, and take witnesses”!—yet the city has been given into the hand of the Chaldeans.’ ”

Jeremiah 32

Therefore, you see the same thing today. We see the sword. We see multiple wars across the globe. We see the Ukrainian vs Russian war. We have the Sudanian, civil war. We have 20 years of civil War, in Yemen. The list is endless and increasing slowly but surely. There are plenty of terror wars, insurgents and civil wars taking place in Africa. We have drug wars in South America.

They are filled with the spirit of the antichrist. We have walked away from God. They have not listened. America and Europe once were lands filled with milk and honey. With the open border policy and weak human rights actions, they are opening it up for the Chaldeans (of our time) streaming over borders because of wars, famine and pestilence. (Climate change is an excuse used to point to earthly famine, pests and war)

Take for example the water that feed’s the Nile River into Egypt. The trouble it caused for the farms of Egypt was because Ethiopia was building a dam in the Blue Nile feeding the waters of the Nile to Egypt. Even though they in recent days claimed to reach a deal, the farmers producing food in Egypt have lost crops, and gone bust, causing rural Egypt to lose work. None of us have, a crystal ball to see how the future of this will play out. However, this already caused some serious damage to food supplies in North Africa. A battle going back well over a decade.

It is not an Environmental problem it is man’s lost love for his Creator. Disrespect (dishonour). I kindly remind you how Paul describes it 2 TIMOTHY 3:1-9.

Just look at Venezuela, a thriving country once upon a time. Today, they are starving Yes the factors are much more political, and economical and old bad things are creeping back in.
This is not just a problem in Venezuela, it is increasing in the World Globally. Pagan beliefs are creeping back in.

34 But they set their abominations in the house which is called by My name, to defile it. 35 And they built the high places of Baal which are in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I did not command them, nor did it come into My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.’ 

Jeremiah 32

Just like in the times of Jeremiah; so are things in our time. We defile the churches we build to praise God. We defiled it by allowing priests, pastors, and Reverend to spread lies about the Bible, We allowed them and some in the church even participated in adultery, fornication, and paedophile violating women and children, we allow them to try and silence men standing up for the wrongdoings. (Yes, this not just happens in Christian faith churches, but we see the same evil under Muslims, Hindus and other false faiths. The evil of the heavenly realm is against all of mankind). We made heroes of some of these people just to point fingers after made them heroes. No man is even been a hero. We all are born with a sinful nature.

Just like in the time of Jeremiah when people sacrifice their children willingly in the fire to Molech. So are we today, burning unborn babies out of ungrateful mothers’ wombs for the love of self, too young to have a baby but old enough to fornicate. my body my choice. Look how some of the pagan religions of old is coming back burning young men as a life sacrifice today, sending young men to sacrifice their lives in war for self-loving political views, hungry starving mother selling their kids to child trafficking and more… O how we think we evolved…. what a foolish idiot we are, think we are so different that the people of old. WE ARE ALL BORN IN SIN!

The WRATH of GOD is on the way worldwide. IT IS ON THE WAY!! REPENT!!

Due to all the foolish behaviours, we allow these days. Because we do not want to offend someone. Is allowing lawlessness to increase. We allow others to harm innocent people online and offline.

People are trying to flee to better places. They flee to countries where there once were milk and honey. Europe once was, a cradle of milk and honey used to rule the world. Same with the United Kingdom. But your border policies are too soft. Because of the wars. Globally, not just in Ukraine and Russia, where the media of today tells you. But there are loads of civil wars. Leading food shortages and mismanagement of water supplies pushing populations of civil war-affected countries to stream to what was told to them as the land of milk and honey.

Russia and Ukrainian not allowing the grain to go out to Africa. Because Africa, which used to feed the world, is now looking at other places to feed them. There are fertile grounds in Africa. Africa can be self-reliant. But they have lying, thieving greedy oppressive, political leaders and false stories they told their people. JUST LIKE, in the rest of the world.

You see; Africa, the Middle East and Asia will flee to Europe. Because of what they have been told and seen as a land of Milk and Honey. This will cause the words in the Bible to be proven true. Billions won’t see it come nor understand the Bible prophecy.

It is every person’s fault on this planet, Paul describes it 2 TIMOTHY 3:1-9. We gave our right to change the world willingly and freely away from our sinful nature. Allowing our world to be trampled.

If you are not a true Bible follower of Christ Jesus, you are of this world. As a follower of Jesus, I use my Blog, my Business to share God’s work and words, with you. The Bible is clear from Ancient times that if we do not follow God with all our hearts. We are against God. We saw what happened to Israel. The world will see the wrath of God in the Great Tribulation.

In the meantime we allow our sinful full nature to bring destruction over ourselves. God gave us free will to choose and do whatever we want. The world is picking the fruits of their choices today. This will escalate as the last hour runs out.

We don’t know how long the time is left, dear reader. It could be another thousand years. It could be 10 days. It could be 20 years or hundred years. Time is irrelevant as eternity has no time. Do not put a timetable on God. It is important, to see and understand scripturally the signs of the last days. (Reminder, the last days of which the Bible speak, started the day Jesus was crucified, died overcome hell for you and ascended to heaven. There were over 500 eyewitnesses that saw Jesus after His resurrection). Fellow believers in Christ you have to pray every day for your friends, families, churches, countries and more so that more people can be saved through Jesus.

There was no way out for Zedekiah the King of Judah, he became a captive of the king of Babylon and his people were overrun by the Chaldeans. So will the kings (leaders) of this world today all become captives of their own doing, allowing ethnos against ethnos to rise inside their own countries? Because of this people flee where they believe are lands of milk and honey. The cost will be human lives on both sides of the coin, children will be sold as money to feed the rest of the household like today in Afghanistan for example. Selling just to eat!

What happens to the children that were sold, what evil has landed upon them?

As these things are increasing in the world, we as Followers of Jesus need to do what the Word of God say. It is to write the Word of God on the tables of our hearts. While the world makes themselves captives of their own doing. We can learn Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and CSI. We can use things like AI and other technologies to physically save people who were innocently dragged into the arms of evil. We can lead them to true Christian organisations that can help them find a new purpose. God have a purpose for all of us, to love one another and to be caught doing His work.


This is why Fellow Believers in Jesus have to enter this world. Do the work of God. I know there is twisted people out there that will try and twist this. I pray you see the truth and stand up against the Evil of our World!!!