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Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

Sweat-Digital is adept at simulating cyber attacks on your systems and networks to uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers. He then provides recommendations on how to fix these weaknesses to enhance the overall security of your organization.

Average Day Rate:

  • £500 (UK Pounds)
  • €585 (Euros)
  • $675 (USD)

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CSI Linux Investigator Student

CSI Linux

Sweat-Digital is currently engaged in a focused endeavour encompassing the realms of missing person investigations, child trafficking prevention, aiding missionaries in high-risk areas, and providing valuable support to investigative journalists. Our multidisciplinary approach draws upon expertise in digital forensics, open-source intelligence (OSINT), social media intelligence (SOMINT), and other advanced techniques, all facilitated through the utilization of CSI Linux.

For your convenience, we offer both daily and hourly consultancy rates to accommodate diverse client requirements:

Day Rate: (Contact me)

  • £(UK Pounds)
  • €(Euros)
  • $(USD)

Hourly Rate: (Contact me)

  • £(UK Pounds)
  • €(Euros)
  • $(USD)

Should your organization seek to bolster its cyber defences or gain insights from our seasoned professionals, we extend an invitation to engage in a consultation with our esteemed expert, Shaun. Your proactive stance in safeguarding digital landscapes begins here. Secure your consultation today!

IT Infrastructure Engineer

IT Infrastructure Engineer

With experience in IT Infrastructure Engineering since 2007, Sweat-Digital has been providing top-notch services since our founding in August 2016. Sweat-Digital specializes in the design, implementation, and management of robust IT infrastructure.

His skills include:

  • IT Infrastructure Architecture
  • Data Center Management
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Security
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance

Day Rate:

  • £ 475 (UK Pounds)
  • € 550 (Euros)
  • $600 (USD)


Let Shaun optimize your IT infrastructure for success! Get in touch to discuss your organization’s needs and learn how he can help.

Roadmap 2023-2025


  • Gain experience in Cyber Security
  • Obtain industry qualifications
  • Enter OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Find new contracts in our 3 main areas


  • Secure 1 Government contract and multiple public contracts
  • Expand the team of Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Professionals
  • Ensure the team has AI assistance and peer support


  • Focus on team skills and innovation
  • Achieve full digital transformation for our clients

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Shaun Sweat


Certified Ethical Hacker and IT Infrastructure Engineer here to help build a safer and greener technology spaces for local government, corporate, social enterprise, collaboration spaces and more.. Lower Your Risk!



As an AI language model trained in various topics related to cybersecurity, including ethical hacking, ChatGPT can serve as a valuable assistant for ethical hackers by providing relevant information, answering questions, and suggesting solutions to potential cybersecurity issues.

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