Short List of the worlds Hacker Groups

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Short List of the worlds Hacker Groups

Each have their own Agenda’s and as you can see from the countries, its match the countries in various wars, like currency wars, trade wars, military race wars and more. These are the hacker war arena. Some groups can exercise great influence that can change Governments. This is not a full list of groups, it is to give you an idea of who is out there.

Remember hacking is illegal, however it has its benefits and disadvantages, BUT it is still Illegal to hack.

Hacker GroupGoalCountryApprox Member SizeBiggest Hacks
AnonymousHacktivism, anti-censorship, civil libertiesInternationalUnknownPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Operation Tunisia, Operation Sony
Lizard SquadDisruption, chaos, fameInternationalUnknownSony PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Malaysia Airlines
Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)Pro-Syrian government, hacktivismSyriaUnknownAssociated Press, The New York Times, US Marines
APT28 (Fancy Bear)Cyber-espionage, information warfareRussiaUnknownDNC hack, German Bundestag, World Anti-Doping Agency
APT29 (Cozy Bear)Cyber-espionage, information warfareRussiaUnknownDNC hack, US State Department, White House
Lazarus GroupCyber-espionage, financial gainNorth KoreaUnknownSony Pictures, WannaCry ransomware, Bangladesh Bank heist
Equation GroupCyber-espionage, surveillanceAllegedly United StatesUnknownMultiple zero-day exploits, links to Stuxnet, Flame, and Duqu malware
APT10 (Stone Panda)Cyber-espionage, intellectual property theftChinaUnknownCloud Hopper operation, various industries worldwide
DarkSideRansomware, financial gainEastern EuropeUnknownColonial Pipeline, various other ransomware attacks

The information provided here is based on publicly available sources and might not be comprehensive or fully up-to-date. The nature of hacking groups makes it challenging to gather accurate and consistent information about their membership, goals, and activities.

Stay Safe, out there my friends.