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Shaun (Our Founder) joined the IT industry back in 2007, as a complete rookie. He moved from corporate accounting, due to his lifelong love for things that are powered by a button that displays a login prompt of some sort. He remembers well his first PC back in 1984 with this huge CRT monitor flashing at him, running Dos 3.0. The PC had a massive HDD of 256MB the biggest of its time. 

Those days there was no internet. the fun part used to be exploring the DOS file system and finding hidden gems. Like in later versions of DOS; version 5.0 we used to play Gorillas a Qbasic programming game. It was Brilliant entertainment in 1991. (Nickname: Shaun Sweat)

IT Contractor

In August 2016 Shaun, decided to take a huge step in his career. He registered Sweat-Digital as a Limited company in the UK. Using his IT Skill accumulated to enter the UK IT Contracting Market. His main focus is IT infrastructure driven. Understanding of On-Premise Data Centers, 3rd Line Engineering and variety of IT projects including working on Merger and Acquisition IT projects.

Cyber Security Path

This time the change is easier for Shaun. After nearly 2 decades in IT Infrastructure, he made made the sideways leap into Cyber Security. He Identified that there is still a massive skill shortage in the Industry. In 2022 he plunged into studies of Ethical Hacking. With technologies ever evolving, one can never stop learning in Cyber Security. The aim in 2024 is to secure contracts suited for my knowldge in Cyber Security

Our preferred clients

The golden rule in any assignement we take on, depends on the scope of work and an agreeable day rate (love outside of IR35 and consider inside IR35 as well). We love to work with IT Service Providers; with a strong client base. We love when we get rehired with folks we know and trust. We are also exploring tendering of public service contracts, this might help Shaun build a business that could potentially hire employees in the future. We love clients that can help us in creating a sustainable business, for years to come.

Artificial Intellegence

AI is the hot topic since ChatGPT where launch to the public in 2022. It scared many people; inside and out side of Technology. It lead to headlines like "85 million people will be out of work over the next 10 years". However, a more positive outlook one should have with any new Technology is, how can use it be used to make workloads easier; can it open up new markets, with new career prospects. Shaun is all for AI, if it have a positive impact on the job market, hence why Sweat-Digital are using ChatGPT modules and others modules that can be run locally via applications like Ollama, PrivateGPT and more.


Opensource Intelligence we find extremely interesting. Not just can it be used in Reconnaissance in red teaming in corporate level roles. It plays a crucial role in helping solve some the most horrific crimes in the world and is great weapon in human trafficking cases. It is fantastic during war time, as we can learn from the war in Ukraine. Even used in Close Protection Units, Police forces, hobbyist in this space. It is also a weapon that can be implemented against miss-information. Many law firm's can implement OSINT Specialist in helping to solve financial crime, hacking crime, proving the innocence in cases where individuals have been attacked in smearing cases. The list is long

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We also provide blog post for our peers and newbies in the Cyber space. This is to share general topic and even sharing CTF programs and Biblical impact of Cyber Security. Shaun (The Founder) faith in Christ is the inspiration and driving force of sharing blog post which, he pray it is the will of God, to inspire fellow Christians, Churches, Charities, Veterans, Retired Law Enforcement Folks, New Career Seekers, Return to Job Seeker and more. To find inspiration from the blog post. He hopes our blog followers and readers connect with us and help us to stay motivated and focus.

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1 Corinthians 16:13

Shaun Sweat


Certified Ethical Hacker and IT Infrastructure Engineer here to help build a safer and greener technology spaces for local government, corporate, social enterprise, collaboration spaces and more.. Lower Your Risk!



As an AI language model trained in various topics related to cybersecurity, including ethical hacking, ChatGPT can serve as a valuable assistant for ethical hackers by providing relevant information, answering questions, and suggesting solutions to potential cybersecurity issues.

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